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I am retired and in addition to the usual retirement activities of working in the yard and garden, I do freelance writing. Thus far, the writing has focused on aviation themes. Airplanes have been a fascination since childhood. Growing up in a rural area with a wide-open view of the sky provided opportunity to observe air traffic from airliners high overhead to low-flying Cessnas and Pipers. Since the overlying airspace was a Military Operations Area, I watched in awe as jet fighters streaked by at near supersonic speeds.

More recently, I’ve have developed an interest in world history, specifically the era from WWI through the 1930s. 

I’m a member of the American Aviation Historical Society and hold an FAA Advanced Ground Instructor rating.

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 “1934. Unemployment, soup lines, and desperation are a fact of life for many, but despite the darkness, people of means travel the world. The airplane is becoming a viable mode of transportation, and flying boats offer the ultimate in luxury.

     Caribbean Airways has just acquired the brand-new Sikorsky S-42 flying boat with which it plans to expand its territory deeper into South America. But first a survey flight must be made to check on facilities and the feasibility of the new route. The story follows the crew of five diverse characters who must work together to overcome mechanical issues, bad weather, corrupt local governments, and Nazi spies.”

  Books may be purchased through your local bookstore or from online retailers

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